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Information and instructions


Induction hob

Touch the on / off sensor for 1 second.

Touch the lock control sensor for approximately 3 second until the display changes to '-'.

Touch the relevant cooking zone image

Adjust the heat power level using the +/- switches. 

To switch off the hob completely, use the on/off sensor.

To switch off an individual cooling zone, touch the relevant cooking zone image twice. 


Set the power by turning the bottom button to the desired setting.

Turn the top button (time / grams) clockwise to the correct time.

The microwave will start automatically.


Select cooking mode using the left hand knob.

Select temperature using the right hand knob.

Thermometer symbol will go out when desired temperature is reached.

If there is a power cut, it's necessary to reset the clock before the oven will switch on:

Press the clock symbol twice until a clock flashes on the display..

Use the '-' and '+' symbols to set the correct time.

Press the clock symbol again.


Press on / off button

Turn programme selector knob to desired setting (we normally use the Eco 50'C) and then press start.

For a delayed start press the top right button for a 3, 6 or 9 hour delay.


Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper. Bins are provided in each bathroom for other personal waste items,

The flush on the downstairs en-suite sometimes sticks so that the toilet continues to run. If this happens, please just press gently on the flush and it will stop.

Washing machine

The washing machine is in the eaves cupboard off the family bathroom upstairs.

The washing machine has a tendency to move on spin cycle. Please do two smaller washes rather than one large one. There is also an airer provided in here for your use. Please leave the airer in the cupboard; clothes dry very quickly in here because of the heat generated by the boiler and hot water tank. 


TELEVISION and DVD – Smart TV with Amazon, Netflix etc.

To play DVDs select DVD as input on the DVD player using the function button.

If necessary, use the source button on the TV (Samsung) remote control to select HDMI1/DVI.


MUSIC – The Zeppelin speaker has a bluetooth connection called 'Soul II'. Please ensure both speaker and bluetooth adaptor are on to connect.  ​


WOOD BURNER – logs are located in the logstore on the drive.  To make lighting the fire easier, kindling and firelighters can be purchased in Carrefour etc. DO NOT burn anything other than the logs provided, or purchased firelighters and kindling. Dependent on how often you use the fire, you may need to empty the ash during the week. Please place the ash in the ash bucket on the balcony. A fire glove, poker and ash shovel are provided.  Do not put anything, including wood, on or adjacent to the wood burner itself. Keep all external doors closed when using the wood burner.  The temperature on the flue should not exceed 250’C for safety – a thermometer is provided on the flue. No more than two logs should be burned at any one time.


RADIATORS - all radiators are electric and so work instantly. We generally leave them on the frost (snowflake) setting when we are out and turn them up to ‘3’ as necessary when we get home, otherwise it can easily become too hot in the chaet.


BOOT CUPBOARD  - the heated boot cupboard is on a timer; please do not adjust the settings. Ski and snowboard boots should all be left in here and not brought upstairs into the chalet itself. 


TOWEL RADIATORS – are strictly only for towels, not skiwear. Gloves etc dry very quickly in the washing machine cupboard. There is also a small dehumidifier in the cupboard which helps speed up drying.

Rubbish and recycling

Rubbish must be placed in the large communal bins situated in the road near the chalet.

Recycling facilities for glass, plastics, metals and paper can be found by Lac Bleu or across the roundabout on the way to the bakery by tourist information or on the left hand side of the road on the way to Carrefour.

Check-out and cleaning

On departure day, the check out time is 10am.  Please leave the chalet clean and tidy.  


Cleaning is included in our rental prices, however there are a small number of tasks that are specifically excluded. To avoid incurring any additional cleaning charges, which will be retained from your deposit, please note the following requirements:

  • All kitchen areas should be left clean including washing up, with everything put away clean and in the original place.  

  • Dishwasher should be emptied.

  • Oven, hob and baking trays to be left clean.

  • Please dispose of ALL rubbish throughout the interior and exterior of property, including boxes and bottles.

  • If you have used the BBQ, please leave it clean as well as the outside areas.

  • Please strip beds of linen (ensuring you leave the mattress and pillow protectors on).

  • Ensure that the two sets of keys are left in the property; there will be an automatic charge of 75€ per lost key.

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