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Emergency numbers

112 - general emergency number (equivalent to 999 in the UK). 

15 - medical emergencies 


Large Carrefour supermarket, including petrol station, on the right hand side of the road about 1 mile towards Samoëns from the chalet. Opening times vary throughout the year but it’s generally open at least from 8:45am until 12:15, then 14:45 until 19:15, and all day Saturday. It’s also open on Sunday 09:00 – 12:00 during peak season.  Carrefour can get very busy late afternoon / early evening in peak weeks.


An alternative supermarket is Super U in Taninges.   Head in the opposite direction to Samoëns to Taninges.  Keep going straight on through the middle of Taninges across the bridge and it’s on your right.  It’s bigger than Carrefour and also sells fuel.  Opening times vary but it’s generally open all day from 08:30 – 20:00 and also on Sundays in peak season.


Small but very well stocked Superette supermarket in the Résidence Honoraz block of shops in Morillon village, between the lift and the tourist information office.  In winter season it’s open every day from 8:30 – 19: 30.


Two small supermarkets in the centre of Samoens – Petit Casino (closed between 12:00 and 3pm, but open till 7pm) is located just off the main square.  The second small supermarket is a Sherpa located on the roundabout opposite the Cinema; this is open all day, everyday during season.  


The closest bakery is La Grigne Savoyard, a five minute walk from the chalet; turn right at the mini roundabout towards Taninges and it’s a few 100 metres on your left set back from the road with ample parking. Note that it's closed all day Wednesday.


Tiffanie, in Morillon Village (on the main street on the corner of the road up to Morillon 1100).  


In Samoëns itself there are two bakeries in the village, Tiffanie and La Jaysinia (best for cakes) and a further branch of Tiffanie opposite the Grand Massif Express lift. There's also a branch of Tiffanie at Chatillon - we often stop here to buy sandwiches for the journey when we're leaving. 



The market in Morillon village is generally on Sunday mornings.  There is also a small produce market in Verchaix on Friday mornings throughout the year, which is held outside the tourist information office by the roundabout. 

There is also a very large market in Samoëns every Wednesday morning, which sells clothes and general household goods as well as fruit and vegetables, cheese, meats etc. 

Specialist food shops


Cheese: La Fruitière - Samoëns. Local cooperative with cheese made on site Keep going past the GME lift and it's on your right with parking outside. 

Butchers: Le pied de poule - Samoëns  - this wonderful boucher, traiteur, épicerie is the far side of the square. Open every day and range changes seasonally - fabulous kebabs for the BBQ in summer and more elaborate roasts and prepared meats for winter, particularly around Christmas and New Year.

Le Grenier du torréfacteur at the end of our road has a wide selection of gourmet teas, coffees, small selection of win

Delicatessen: Le Grenier Savoyard - Samoëns - wide selection of meats, cheeses, jams, liqueurs and gift baskets of local produce etc 

Wine: La feuille de Vigne Savoyard - Samoëns - excellent wine and beer shop with helpful staff. Usually have tastings outside.



Cashpoint in Morillon village next to tourist information.

Three banks in the centre of Samoëns, Banque Populaire (opposite Avenue des Glaciers - cashpoint is elevated in a small covered walkway), Credit Agricole, (on Avenue Cognacq Jay opposite the Après-ski bar) and Credit Mutuel (far side of the square).

Pharmacies / doctors


Pharmacies in Samoëns and Morillon. 

Dr Karlijn Keunen, Verchaix (next to the chocolate shop) 04 50 58 95 60 - fluent English, Dutch, French

Dr Olivier Bretton, Samoëns Medical Centre (opposite the pharmacy, behind Intersport) 04 50 34 41 88 - French, English

Note that the local pharmacies aren't generally open on Sundays. The nearest one that is reliably open on a Sunday is  Pharmacie Fournier Vattoux on Grande Rue in Cluses.

Tourist information


Tourist offices are in Morillon and SamoënsThe tourist offices post a weather forecast outside each day.  You can also buy passes for cross country skiing at the tourist offices.

Information for the whole of the Grand Massif can be found online.

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